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Ever feel like this..?
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  2. So my dog used to chase people on a bike a lot, it got so bad that I had to take his bike away 😂😅 Why on earth am I telling you this corny joke? I wanted thank you for showing love, it means a lot that you’re supporting mental health awareness! Find a part of yourself in my posts and feel free to use my shoulder to cry on in if you ever need to. Sorry I’m rambling but basically welcome to my page I hope you stay long enough to see me lose my mind 😅

  3. @coloradogrown14 this is so you! Ha!

  4. @mamaknaus 😂that’s right baby

  5. @hibaaamir071 so wanna say it but our hearts knows it too well

  6. Your girlfriend or wife would be better!! Nosy people 💯

  7. 😂😂😂😂😂😂‼️

  8. @emma_sentis2002 😂💖 share some daily quotes lol

  9. @emma_sentis2002 snap me lol lyssie002 haha imma send random shit in our chat lol😂😂 if youre okay with ot

  10. Great post for Monday motivation 👊🏻💯🔥

  11. Great words of wisdom my friend this is so inspiring! 😍loved this post alot #micromotivation, I’ll be pleased by you visiting our page not for follows n likes but to share the common interest #micromotivation

  12. I’m in love with this view 😍

  13. Absolutely for noone else but ME!💋👑🗣

  14. @nawal_tariq_ yeah yesterday his same happened

  15. @_xamanix1129_ Tbh thou cmon who would ever look at u 😁😁

  16. @_xamanix1129_ You duhh I mean ofc besides ure EX

  17. @sharmiiii_08 omddddaaaayyyysss once upon that EX was not an EX SO he fing had to look at me to become my ex u dope shit 😂🤦🤦

  18. @_xamanix1129_ can u speak English pls

  19. @sharmiiii_08 no u won’t understand it 😂😂😂🤙🏻🤙🏻

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